3FM / LiveLoad

For Dutch radiostation 3FM, Thom developed a social media strategy that uses facebook as a platform to create a stronger synergy between radio DJ & listener. Through the use of live implementation of cameras in smartphones, tablets, laptops or any other electronic device, the listener is asked to start a video-recording during the show. Several moments later the DJ gives an absurd assignment which the listeners should fullfil. The created content is uploaded to the DJ’s facebook timeline, resulting in the fact that both the user, as well as the DJ, collect likes and exposure, creating a win-win situation for both parties.

Che Che Check developed the concept, visual identity, managed the musical jingles, and shaped the concept for the promotional video.

In Association with Utrecht School of Arts, NTR & 3FM

TAMK / Workshop Finland

Thom (left), founder of Che Che Check, was invited to give a workshop on ‘interaction’ at TAMK, an artschool in Tampere, Finland. Interested? Check the workshop’s blog to read in on all of the theory.

In Association with Utrecht School of Arts & TAMK

KPN / Online Video Manual

For Dutch Telecom Provider KPN, Che Che Check produced this video manual, explaining how users can set up their remote control for interactive television. The interpretation of the visuals was up to me, as long as KPN visual identity would be used according their design-document. With the voice-over as a guide, I created a time-map. Subsequently applying this time-map to separate compositions in the following order:
2D remote > 3D remote > Intro Bumper > Television Set > Browser > Text

When eventually all compositions were synced according to the voice-over, I rendered out every single composition as RGB+Alpha. This saved a lot of RAM during the workflow. By cutting up the project in more manageable blocks, you prevent the problem of a single AE-file that would take ages to preview.
Finally what was left was super-imposing al the alpha-files within After Effects, creating a super-light processor friendly composition.

In association with Ping Media | Created with After Effects

Ontrouw / Amsterdam Visuals Excerpt

For the mysterious anual party “Ontrouw” in Trouw, Amsterdam, Che Che Check designed a set of visuals for the VJ-projections. The theme of the night was “Post-apocalyptic Tribe”. So a lot of texture-based and organic visuals seemed a logical approach. Unfortunately no cameras were aloud inside of the Trouw building. The video and stage set-up show above will hopefully give you an impression.

In association with AAIQU | Created with After Effects

Intel / Microsoft Techdays Interface

For Microsoft Techdays 2012, Che Che Check designed the interface for four Intel-stand touchscreens. In it the three main devices for 2012 and their unique selling points are shown.

In association with Haute Technique and AAIQU | Created with AS3 & After Effects

Maritime Museum / Design

The pictures and video above show some of the content Che Che Check designed for the museum’s subdivision “My E-xpo”. Note that Che Che Check isn’t confined within one single media type. Motiongraphics, Touchinterfaces and generic Design and a strong Concept are a few things we love to work on. The maritime museum’s project really was a multi-medial playground…

In association with Haute Technique and Revolución | Created with AS3 & After Effects

Maritime Museum / Touchtable Interface

For the dutch Maritime Museum in Amsterdam we designed the interface, motion graphics and visual interior aspects for the touchtable-room and the panoramic projection-room. With this setup visitors are given the possibility to create their own expo with de digitized collection. Items can be enlarged, rotated, placed in perspective etc. When published, the expo is presented through a panoramic projection with a trackpad in front of that, so visitors can experience their selfmade expo in a lifelike size.

In association with Haute Technique and Total Active Media | Created with AS3 & After Effects

Rabobank / Interactive Art

An interactive art piece for a stairwell in the Rabobank office, themed “Bringing outside in” where we hooked up six projectors and an equal amount of digital camera’s to a Mac Pro. Whereupon the script processes random photos from the internet which are geotagged with “Utrecht”. The photo get stretched, distorted and diverged over all six floors. This way, the stairways are a live representation of the moods and colours captured by inhabitants of Utrecht. Each two minutes, the image is faded into a new composition, making each stairway visit a new experience. Subsequently any passerby’s movement is tracked by the camera, generating an organic growth of the image. The projected colours are not only influencing the direct image, the whole ambiance of the architecture is. One can imagine the colours are more vivid in summer, warm in autumn and orange during dutch national events like queens-day.

In association with AAIQU and Sander ter Braak | Created in OpenFrameworks